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   As much we can learn from books they cannot replace the direct the interaction with experienced academics and clinicians, sharing their knowledge directly in the classroom or on-line. Workshops have unique advantages of open discussions with teachers and colleagues, opportunities to ask questions and hands-on demonstrations.  Looking over the shoulder of the master - this is how humans learned for thousands of years .
   BMMI is committed to organising professional education in EEG Brain Diagnostics methods and functional neuromarkers.
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In this section we will publish announcements and course descriptions, as well as share important references and publications.

Upcoming events

    • 20 Jan 2022
    • 10:00
    • 03 Feb 2022
    • 12:00
    • Zoom


    2022 QEEG mentoring group

    with Jay Gunkelman 


    About BranSignals:  Our group is meeting twice a month on Saturday morning AEDT  (Australia Eastern Daylight Time) or Sydney Time. 

    Register for February -December meetings and get 10 % off.

    + additional 5 % Discount for memebers

    Memebrship entitles access to all previous events recordings + discount on all new events. 

    • 05 Mar 2022
    • 17:00 - 19:00
    • Zoom


    Event Related Potentials

    mentoring group 

    with  Prof. Juri Kropotov


    The starting date is not yet known. We are waiting to have enough registrations before we start. Please register as expression of interest type.

    Registration entitles  for 32 hours of mentoring on a weekly basis.You will be required to have an access to Mitsar or BeeMedic EEG/ERPs systems. If you need assistance please contact

    Rustam Yumash

Past events

08 Jan 2022 January 2022 Brain Signals-QEEG mentoring group with Jay Gunkelman
04 Dec 2021 December 2021 Brain Signals-QEEG mentoring group with Jay Gunkelman
06 Nov 2021 November Brain Signals-QEEG mentoring group with Jay Gunkelman
02 Oct 2021 October Brain Signals-QEEG and ERPs mentoring group
04 Sep 2021 Brain Signals-QEEG mentoring group
12 Nov 2019 Event Related Potentials in clinical practice webinars with Prof. Juri Kropotov
12 Nov 2019 Brain-based Assessment in Mental Health:QEEG & ERPs Training Courses
28 Apr 2017 Functional Neuromarkers Advanced workshop with Prof. Juri Kropotov
26 Apr 2017 Introduction to Functional Neuromarkers 2-day workshop with Prof. Yury Kropotov
19 Apr 2017 Neuromarkers in Psychiatry:ADHD, OCD & Schizophrenia APS seminars Perth, Melbourne, Sydney
25 Feb 2017 Masterclass on Functional Neuromarkers in dementia_Prof. Juri Kropotov
29 Sep 2016 Functional Neuromarkers in Clinical Practice -on-line Masterclass with Prof.Yury Kropotov
29 Aug 2016 Free online Masterclass with Prof. Yury Kropotov
22 Apr 2016 Functional Neuromarkers in Mental Health workshop with Prof. Yury Kropotov
21 Apr 2016 Hands-on EEG and ERPs technical workshop with Prof. Yury Kropotov
16 Mar 2015 Be Brain Aware- Free public lecture by Prof. Yury Kropotov on Neuroscience and Brain Diagnostics
16 Mar 2015 3-day workshop Functional Neuromarkers in Mental Health
15 Mar 2013 3-day advanced training ERPs Biomarkers with Prof. Jury Kropotov
14 Mar 2013 1-day Introduction to Event Related Potentials Method with Dr. Elena Labkovsky
14 Mar 2013 4-day training course: Event Related Potentials as Biomarkers in the Cinical Assessment of Brain and Mental Health
14 Mar 2013 Malingering and Lie Detection through Event Related Potentials
16 May 2012 QEEG/ERPs Masterclass with Prof. Jury Kropotov May 16_2012
21 Mar 2012 A-Z of QEEG, Event Related Potentials and Neurotherapy with Prof Jury Kropotov
20 Mar 2012 EEG Biomarkers in Psychiatry, lecture by Prof Jury Kropotov
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