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We are inspired by the advances in the 21 century neuroscience and recognise the need to bring these achievements to people and communities, schools, workplaces, clinics, hospitals, anywhere where it is possible to enhance the potential of human brain to improve, change and heal. With this in mind we would like to  invite you to share our journey and contribute to this noble cause.

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2021 -2022

Many members and affiliates of our institute have now implemented QEEG methodology in their practicies and clinics and some brave practitioners went on to add Event Related Potentials. It seems now that there is an increased interest QEEG and ERPs analylis mentoring classes. In Septmebr we started BrainSignals_EEG mentoring group

with Jay Gunkleman

And next year we will be starting 

BrainSignals_ERPs mentoring classes wth Prof. Jury_Kropotov

in January 2022

We are also partnering with BeeMedic soon to offer edication and training in Infra Low Frequency Neurofeedback 


you can visit the program page by clicking on the title above or download a 


As a part of this program  there will  a special focus on 

Event Related Potentials in Clinical Practice

with a renowned neuroscientist

Prof. Juri Kropotov

(visit page for details and registration by clicking on the title) 


4-day Event Related Potentials Analysis Training & Mentoring Workshop

Registration is open. NB! limited early bird reward rates available!


Many products for EEG Brain Diagnostics and Neurotherapy are now available at our new shop: 

Click here to see our store


New videos of Functional Neuromarkers seminar

with Prof. Juri Kropotov are now available for viewing:

APS Seminar Functional Neuromarkers in Psychiatry       

BMMI was a bronze sponsor

of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia Annual Conference in Canberra 2017

Prof. Yury Kropotov 


Online masterclass
Functional Neuromarkers in Dementia
with Prof. Yury Kropotov
Date 25th February 2017



toFunctional Neuromarkers 2-day workshop with Prof. Yury Kropotov

Date: 26-27th of April 2017, Tweed Heads


3-day Advanced Workshop:

Coolangatta/Tweed Heads: April 28-30   2017

Register for the advanced workshop at the early bird rate:
with Prof. Yury Kropotov
Read program details here:
Functional Neuromarkers 2017 workshop
with Prof. Yury Kropotov in Australia

For any inquiry please send an email to 
info@mindmatters.com.au or call 0755992220
Introduction to Functional 
Neuromarkers in Psychiatry
Free on-line recording of the masterclass given by 
Professor Kropotov is celebrating the release of his new book

The detailed summary of this new book  is now available  exclusively to  our members - a  courtesy of
Prof. Yury Kropotov

Members can now purchase the
Functional Neuromarkers for Psychiatry book from us at a special rate

 Click here to request a copy 


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