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Registration is now open for the 
4-day workshop
Functional Neuromarkers for mental health
with a world renowned neuroscientist 
Prof. Yury Kropotov

Neuromarker is a very important concept for a practical implementation of the so called Precision Medicine. You can learn more about it on this page:
Functional Neuromarkers

Workshop Dates: 22-25 April 2016
Venue: Sydney Mercure Hotel on George street

See the program at the workshop site:
Functional Neuromarkers in Mental Health workshop

or download in pdf format:
Functional Neuromarkers workshop_Kropotov2016 program.pdf

Here you can read what experts say about methodology developed by Prof. Yury Kropotov:  Testimonials

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please follow this link:

link to this event registration

 For any inquiry please send an email to 
info@mindmatters.com.au or call 0755992220

A little History
July 2014
BMMI was a Gold Sponsor  of the Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia 
Annual Conference 2014
read more about the conference here 
(follow this link: ANSA Conference 2014)

Our past events that may give you some idea on our activities 

Australia - Gold Coast celebration of 
Brain Awareness Week (BAW) March 2013
BAW is the global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of  brain research
The highlight of this year celebration was a  keynote lecture by the world renowned neuroscientist Prof. Yury Kropotov

Kroptov with brain
In this  lecture Yury Kropotov provided an overview of current advances in brain science and EEG Brain Diagnostics using Event Related Potentials as biomarkers of brain disorders. The lecture and some slides will be available soon to watch. Please register as a member to be notified. 

Yury was visiting Australia to conduct his 4-Day training course  :
Event Related Potentials
As Biomarkers in the Clinical Assessment

Of Brain & Mind Health

This course has attracted a significant interest from the clinical practitioners and researches from the field of mental health, interested to learn this approach to identify EEG markers of brain disorders and use them for guiding treatment and brain training. Most participants have previously attended Yury Kropotov courses in Australia and overseas and were ready to move to the more advanced level.

The course started with a comprehensive Introduction to ERPs Method and  was conducted by a well known expert in ERPs Dr Elena Labkovsky.  On the same day Elena  has given a workshop on Malingering and Lie Detection through  Event Related Potentials. Elena's teaching talent is combined with many years of research in this field, as well as her unique experience of usng ERPs in her clinical work. She has an ability to make ERPs look simple and accessible.

The advanced course with Yury Kropotov was a much more in-depth exploration of his impressive methodology based on independent component analysis of ERPs. This method is at the frontier of brain EEG diagnostics and Yury has pioneered his very unique application based on many years of fundamental work at the Human Brain Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Yury believes that ERPs are a superior method to measuring cognitive processes and the information flow in the brain and that it is time to start apply this method in clinics.

More to follow soon.

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